Hardware Services
Hardware Services
Hardware Services
We provide many hardware services, from building new computers, upgrades, repairs, servicing & maintenance contracts, networking and much more. Please contact us if you have any specific services required as we do cater for the majority of IT fields, even if not listed below.
New Computer Systems
Whatever your requirements for a new Personal Computer, we can build one to your exact needs. All of our systems are individually tailored for the intended recipient. We will assess your requirements and only supply hardware that you actually need, therefore you don't end up in the situation of purchasing a set package deal from a supplier which includes hardware you are not going to currently require such as digital cameras, scanners, etc. We can also cater for bulk system orders of duplicate or varying system specification
Has your computer seemed to come to the end of it's life?
Fed up with waiting for it to boot?
Waiting for ages for it to complete tasks?
Can't play the latest games?
Want to venture onto the Internet but you're computer isn't up to it?
Perhaps it's time for an upgrade!
The majority of computer shops & companies will tell you that you need a complete new system when it's time for an upgrade - we like to look at things differently though! Although occasionally it isn't cost effective to upgrade a very old computer, a mere fraction of the cost of buying a new computer. It may just be a case of fitting more RAM, a faster processor or a new hard disk. We can even build you a new computer and use parts from your old one such as the CD-ROM, floppy disk drive, hard disk, etc as these are normally perfectly good and will therefore further reduce the cost of a new computer. Depending on your requirements and the current specification of your system, we will assess what is needed and recommend the most cost effective solution. We also offer a free call out, consultation & estimation to all local customers.
Mobile Services